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Community Outreach in 2014

What We do

our values

Our Mission

1.  To treat everyone with dignity and            respect.

2. To provide the best possible service to        our donors and customers.

3. To ensure quality in everything we do.

​4. To preserve and improve our                      environment where possible.

Vail Valley Cares thrifty stores is a local non-profit Christian help organization

dedicated to sharing the love of God by meeting people’s needs.

VAIL VALLEY CARES THRIFTY SHOPS TURN YOUR DONATIONS INTO DOLLARS. For 14 years we have given profits generated by the thrifty stores directly to numerous Non Profit Organizations in Eagle County through our Grant and Scholarship Programs.  This year we gave over $250,000 to 25 Non Profit organizations!

In 2014,  Vail Valley Cares thrifty stores gave over $250,000 to 25 non-profit organizations in Eagle County.  Since the year 2000, we have given $2.7 M back to the community.  Please keep donating your unwanted "stuff"!  

Directly helping people in need in eagle county

Meet Our Team

Greg Osteen

Executive Director since 1998.  

Jennie Beaudine

Greg's Assistant and long time local resident- bringing people together. 

Phil Carter

General Manager since 2009. Extensive Business experience makes this man PRICELESS!